Megan Kashat & Mar G Rock – Before I Leave

After the successes of her last release ‘Break My Heart’, Megan Kashat is back with her latest tune ‘Before I Leave’. Teaming up with home-grown Greek DJ and Producer Mar G Rock, the duo have created a classic Deep House tune with funky basslines, providing us with bright, Summery vibes.


‘Before I Leave’ progressively builds, showing off the crisp productions skills and complex instrumentation before Megan’s vocals really get the track going. The busyness of music in the chorus compliments the softer vocal approach and offers a unique; more subdued take of portraying the key emotions of the song.


Megan’s lyrics are always compelling and relatable to any listener who hears her music and this song is no different! Not only are her lyrics sublime but the creativity of her vocal arrangements having the ability to really lift a piece of music. Megan’s career as a dance music vocalist and songwriter has been going from strength to strength as requests from producers for collaborations are coming in thick and fast.


With lots of releases already on the horizon and talks of a solo project this year, Megan’s working as hard as ever to ensure her place as a staple vocalist in the dance music industry. ‘Before I Leave’ is out now and available to download on all online platforms.


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