Fonsi Nieto ft. Lenell Brown – ‘C’mon’ & ‘Summertime’

Lenell Brown and Fonsi Nieto have joined forces on not one, but two huge tracks for Fonsi’s new album ‘Ten’. The first of the two is titled ‘C’mon’, this song has Lenell’s vocals at the forefront with very catchy lyrics whilst a bass focused beat dances behind it. ‘C’mon’ builds gradually before dropping to a half-time groove, which gives the song 90’s slow-jam feels.

‘Summertime’ is much more of a House anthem with bright melodies and stronger vocal elements. The drop in this song gives off pure party vibes and the sprinkles of synths and handclaps throughout the track will have you reminiscing of being at sunny festivals and beach parties.

Lenell’s singing career began in his father’s church as he spent his early childhood years singing Gospel in the choir. Since then he has worked with some of Switzerland’s best producers and artists and received a Gold Album award for his participation on the Remady & Manu-L Album ‘The Original’. Now he is regularly working with Spanish dance label Clipper’s Sounds to feature his silky vocals on Spain’s up-and-coming Electronic talent.

Fonsi Nieto’s album ‘Ten’ featuring ‘C’mon’ & ‘Summertime’ is out now on Clipper’s Sounds Records.

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