Compuphonic – Music To Orgasm To

Compuphonicmu·sic/musical orgasm:  An experience in which one is moved by music to a level of consciousness which is characterized by feelings of ecstasy, omniscience, immortality, and sublime understanding.

With the power to inspire and lift the human soul – and like a good movie – music soundtracks at least 50% of my life. It’s one powerful motherfucking mind tool. I like to feel the individual hairs prickle on the back of my neck; my heart fill to bursting and have my face contort involuntarily with a heavy dose of bass. I love finding a beat that matches my stomp perfectly, or a mix that’ll have me publicly fist pumping.

I was recently introduced to the magical and loin warming sounds of Compuphonic, AKA Maxime Firket. Mind blown and humping the wall I was compelled to share the love. This –  in my humble opinion – is quite literally…Music To Orgasm To.

Bringer Of Musical Orgasm

Bringer Of Musical Orgasm

A bold statement some might say, but embark on an audio adventure with him and you’ll very quickly catch my drift. Emotive and sensual, his creations – and musical selection – are basically the sonic embodiment of falling in love. This is music to writhe to; music to eye gaze to and a lustful musical whirlpool in which to lose yourself.

Born in 1983 in Liège, Belgium, he learned the principles of classical music as a child – educated as a Cellist. By his teens he was firmly plugged into the  sounds of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Front 242. But it was a fascination and infatuation with Detroit’s music which inspired his DJ career. By 2003 he was producing sounds in the comfort of his own studio. Quickly finding his own unique voice he was signed to label – Dirty Dancing. His tracks are a soulful and intelligent mix of tech-house, electro-house, 80’s, and minimal sounds.

Check it out for yourselves. Get lusting.