Bigger Than Ever! Arcadia Announce Brand New Glastonbury Set Up


Born of a love for sculpture, fire and blowing peoples minds – festival giant Arcadia this year announced news of a brand new Glastonbury home. This year the behemoth of behemoths will be spreading its fire toting wings to the Home Ground, where it’ll set up camp as ‘the Mechanical Playground’.

More epic than anything i’ve ever experienced in real life, this stage is a sensorial smack down – especially after 2 hours sleep, a tab of Acid and 7 pints of cider. Expect scenes of monumental mentalism – guys firing bolts of lightning from their fingertips, flaming women, angle grinding crotch flexing and dragons. Yes dragons. It’s like a glimpse into a post apocalyptic future, and hey, if the apocalypse entails a hot, heaving, writhing, raving world of PURE AWESOME…bring it on bitches!

Featuring the Hand of Man – a 26-foot long mechanical hand and forearm – built by Christian Ristow – which is capable of picking up cars and crushing them whole. Operated by a cyborg style glove, it’s interactive and open to the public to have a crack at smashing shit up.

Also on display will be Paka and his fire breathing robotic dragon; Spitfire Forge with caged pulse jets that flit between sculpture and synthesizer; Itchy Gorilla and their Fire Tornado; and the Bug Stage – built from submarine moulds – which’ll take the party ‘off road’ on 6 wheels of monstrous all terrain rave.

I will be there – flames in my eyes and grinding my angles like a post apocalyptic banshee. Do it.

Oh and the line up’s pretty rad too…prepare yourself for a sound system capable of re-calibrating the solar system, and bass so heavy you’ll shit yourself. 

Friday: Secret Guest b2b with Jack BeatsNero (DJ Set)Edible (DJ set) Mr ScruffDJ EzFrictionOpiuo, and Itchy & Skratchy.

Saturday: Wildlife Takeover with Disclosure (DJ Set)Seth TroxlerTEED (DJ Set)JackmasterNorman JayCraig CharlesJus Now, and Lady Waks.

Sunday: David Rodigan, Hospitality Takeover with London Elektricity b2b High Contrast, and Metrik b2b Fred V & Grafix, hosted by Dynamite MC. Digital Soundboy Takeover with Shy FX, and B.Traits. Virus Recordings Takeover with Ed RushOpticalOptiv & BTK. Plus Soul II Soul Sound SystemZion Train, and Jinx In Dub ft Parly B & Gardna.