Losing My Soul time…


Demir & Seymen are Özgür Demir and Sencer Seymen, an eclectic Berlin-based duo whose previous releases have endeared them to the likes of Tom Clark’s Highgrade Digital and Acumen and Timid Boy’s Time Has Changed. For their debut on the Pentagonik label, the guys serve up ”Losing My Soul”, a stunning effort that re-enforces both their ear for a melody as well as their dancefloor zest.

The original, then, is a track that’s based around a whimsical, enticing melody, the likes of which draws the listener in thanks to its sultry and intoxicating hues. It’s CCCAT who provides the vocal, and the guys do a fine job of working the melodies around it thanks to some clever, laid-back synth work especially.

It’s often said that working music around such beautiful lyrics is an especially tough task, but whatever their way opf working, the guys have most definitely nailed the formula here.

Kotelett & Zadak turn the original into a charming, whirling tech-house gem soon after. Full of suspense and twinkling soundscapes that’ll keep you on your toes, it’s a fitting compliment to the merits of the original. Lastly, the always prolific David Keno turns in a really positive-induced remix, the likes of which really shines thanks to its exuberant popping beats. He also keeps the lyrics in check, a smart move on an excellent interpretation. If it’s electronic music with soul and heart you’re after, then look no further than Demir & Seymen’s latest number.