Daft Punk and Jay Z “Computerized”. Shit? Or Am I Just Gettin’ Old?


This collaboration has my feelings in a heightened state of discombobulation. I can’t tell if it’s shit, or if I’ve just lost touch with the kids entirely. I’m irked by the monotonous chorus lines, but simultaneously swept up in Daft Punk’s trademark rolling bass lines, super-synth and epic reverb.

The real hair in my soup though, is in fact made up of TWO hairs. One being the escalating panic in Jay Z’s voice – which is FREAKING ME OUT. The second being the nonchalantly unanswered question –  Is it real?

ARE they onto something here? Is it real? Are we living in The Matrix of our mobile phones?? Because if he’s right….we’ll NEVER know. AND I’m just not sure I can live with that.