Amen Brother vs Hit and Run New Year’s Eve


Needless to say there are an abundance of options available to UK revellers tomorrow night, as the country (and wider world) prepares to throw launch into 2014 with all guns blazing. Take a look at this roundup of events taking place in the capital alone for proof if any is needed.

Up in the north’s biggest metropolis and things are no quieter, with parties in abundance across the city, including one hosted by our friends from two of the north’s finest bass, dubstep beats, breaks, d’n’b and jungle nights, Amen Brother and Hit & Run. Taking over both The Pub and Zoo, Grosvenor Street just off Oxford Road in Manchester city centre, the crews involved in each have pieced together the kind of line up that makes a massive night.

Headlining the affair are rising intelligent drum ‘n’ bass head Sam Binga (alongside Redders), and the legendary Mark XTC, whose scheduled to hammer out a classic jungle set for the crowd in attendance. In addition to those names, expect to hear hip hop purveyor Ape Cult doing his thing, Neuron Pro Audiosystem, Jonny Dub, Danny Drive Thru, Amen Brother co-boss Nanny Banton, Kydro, Echidna, Iggy and Dutta. For full details and tickets, take a look here.