UNER shines at Pacha London…

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Heavy hitting Cadenza showman UNER was at the helm this past weekend at the newly reformed Pacha. As we arrived we were welcomed by an array of free drinks and a warm welcome from the club promoters who showed us around. With the warm up already having the main room in full swing, by 1am the club was at near capacity and ready for the main event.

UNER hit it off with his beloved faithful right from the start.. The bass soaked performace drew in the crowd from the second and third rooms which were busy in their own right. With groovy melodies and punchy bass, it married perfectly with the mammoth drops he so effortlessly threw in to sporadically introduce short bursts of energy to proceedings.

UNER has had a plethora of excited releases over the past 18 months and all this came to the forefront weaving and exchanging vocal outputs upon the audience. Although the crowd was not at its busiest this was still a great night and UNER himself took time out to applaud the onlookers at the end.

Rooms 2 and 3 had respectably large crowds of their own but maintained a chilled out vibe to within. It was a nice change to get away and the deeper house cuts and added a really healthy variation to the nights events. This strength in depth proved the club had really gone to town on creating a different atmosphere and is intent in delivering a greater variety than previously to avoid a sense of monotony, which can pervade some other London clubs on occasion.

Throughout the night venturing round the club, I checked out Pacha’s rework and the venue has benefitted from the improvements massively. Now into the full swing of their refurbishment and new look the line ups keep coming and this week sees Phil Weeks and Homework arrive which continues those massive house vibes. Well worth checking out.