Kris Menace Reveals New Album And Gif Video: ‘Mona’

Kris Menace - Gentle Series - PR Picture by Thommy Mardo 1
‘One year after MTV presented Kris Menace´s collaborative album ‘Features’, the incredible maestro of all things electronica returns with quite possibly his most stunning body of work yet – ‘The Entirety Of Matter’. Upon first listen the sheer emotion ploughed into Kris’ beautifully crafted futuristic synth-scapes is omnipresent. Joining the dots between melancholy and joy to tranquility and agitation, every track oozes with a passion, reinforcing Kris’ ability to capture raw feelings and magic them into beautiful, empathic musical pieces that tug hard on even the coldest of heart strings.
“Every once in a while an album comes along which changes everything….  I have put all my love into “The Entirety Of Matter” to make this something very special – possibly the most outstanding, unique and maybe the purest album I’ve ever made.” – Kris Menace
‘The Entirety Of Matter’ comprises of 12 instrumental tracks, each one with its very own futuristic gif animation designed by Mr Div aka Matt Divito, a Boston (USA) based motion graphic designer.
Here is the first gif video unleashed from the album this week – ‘Mona’
Kris Menace - The Entirety Of Matter - Artwork copy
For more details on Kris’ ‘The Entirety Of Matter’ album (Out Now on Compuphonic!) check out the website: