Jammy’s Jaunts – The Official Pre – Jaded Jaunt

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his preview of the return of Jaded… We welcome him back and this time,this preview will give a little history of Jaded, review what’s been happening over the summer, and look in to the very cool new vibe being planned for Winter 2013-14.


Hello and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts. The jaunts are slightly different this time around and welcome the beginning of weekly Jaded back in our lives after a 4 month break from the afterhours clubbing scene in London. This preview will give a little history of Jaded, review what’s been happening over the summer, and look in to the very cool new vibe being planned for Winter 2013-14.

Jaded Winter

So to start off, Jaded has been London’s main afterhours party since 2005, most famous for a long stint at The End and most recently Cable. When Jaded left Cable a week shy of their closure in April this year, a vacuum was left in the afterhours scene. It was strange going out on a Saturday night and not continuing at London’s favourite after hour’s hangout.


As the summer came Jaded held 2 parties much to the excitement of the London music community, most of whom have spent a morning hovering in the half-light in the company of hosts Raymundo Rodriguez and Krista at some point. The first party was on 2nd June with resident and high priest Raymundo, Drumcode’s very own Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot. It was an incredible morning and a great test to see how the crowd of members old and new reacted to Jaded at such a different venue. The second party was on 30th June with loyal residents Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford with Berghain/Panorama Bar resident Oliver Deutschmann headlining. The bar was set high with the first one back at the beginning of June and a whole month waiting without weekly Jaded was beginning to show amongst the Jaded faithful!

Jaded Oliver

They repaid Jaded by returning in numbers for the second party and everyone was now infected with the Jaded bug! The people were still however displaced and lost as this was the last party Jaded was to have over the summer with lots of speculation that they simply wouldn’t be able to return. So it was welcome news when a new series was announced a fortnight ago. The best impact/afters to celebrate this, is none other than the Drumcode afters on Sunday morning that they are hosting at a secret venue that has yet to be announced. Another brilliant piece of news is that following the success of Alan Fitzpatrick’s year-long residency in 2013, the new Jaded resident for 2014 will play for the first time on NYD, as well as curating a series of events over the year. Can you guess who it will be..?


Coming up for Jaded weekly, as well as the Drumcode afters madness, we will have DJ Skirt on the 3rd November making her Jaded debut and Rrose the week after for some hypnotic craziness and many more artists released every week so make sure you keep up to date. I have written more of a preview rather than a review as one of many exciting things happening at Jaded is my new role! I’ll be found on the dancefloor as usual, but this time in an official capacity hosting the DJ’s that will come every week to play.  Also importantly making sure that Jaded is the perfect after gig hang out for visiting music people wherever they’ve played the night before. So see you all at Drumcode and the afters. We all look to welcoming you back, I’m sure you’ve missed us all! 🙂

Jaded Dark