Felix Cage moves Body to Body…


Felix Cage – Body To Body
Spagat Music
Released: September 17th 2013

Felix Cage is garnering an ever better reputation thanks to his refreshing take on the hose template. Previously he has released on labels like Electrical reeds but now he pops up on Spagat with two long-form delights that announce his talents once again.

The 8 minute long ‘Body2Body’ is a rich and melodically lush affair with vamping phrases riding atop an infectious but reserved house framework. It’s mind melting and mystical stuff that is as bliss as it is well produced. On the flip side is the equally frayed (good thing) sounding ‘Treat Her Like A Lady’. This one is more upright and energetic but still deals in plenty of rich colour and soulful melody work. These are two fine tracks that will standout of any set from Felix Cage.