Dave Tarrida ‘Psychonautics EP’


Dave Tarrida – Psychonautics EP 

Vinyl – Digital 

Autofake – Released August 2013


Despite the distinctly old school electro-techno-rave vibes that permeate from every sweaty orifice of Tresor regular Dave Tarrida’s opening track here, 3 Go 3, it’s still very much the kind of music that makes parents worry about what their offspring are doing upstairs. The first release on the producer’s own Autofake imprint, it’s born of acid warbles, staccato beats, weird noises, and some impossible-to-escape from samples, meaning it’s not for the faint of heart.

Apparently starting as he meant to go on, from there we only get more abrasive and middle-finger raising, with Check Out‘s MPC style drum delivery and harsh, distorted synth hook positioning it somewhere between UK techno and early dubstep, or thereabouts. Razesaurus, on the other hand, brings us back down to the less mind-boggling, more logically structured world of four fours proper.

But, even then, the third tune on offer refuses to sound like anything other than ‘next level shit’; sledgehammer beats, heavy low end rave keys, an attacking energy, and the general feel that anything could happen. Whilst Funk D’Void’s remix of 3 Go 3, which completes this package, is tough as old boots- with its bumbling, ton-weight kick drum and raw warehouse feel- the preceding offerings make it feel like a far more restrained affair. Or at least more normal. Either way it’s necessary for it to be on here to ensure the entire EP gets picked up by more than just the truly die-hard experimentalists, and will probably steal the show for many.