Travmatic & Marosy make your body move with latest EP…


Artist: Travmatic & Marosy
Title: Bodymove
Label: Dither Down
Release Date: 13/08

Dither Down here takes a trip to the old school days of pumping New Jersey house right outta the 90s. The team behind the beats is made up of Travmatic and Marosy and features two originals along with remixes courtesy of Boxwork and Tough Love. After great EPs on labels like Plant Music, Travmatic and Marosy are very much in the ascendancy and this new release will likely only help them continue on their great trajectory.

Body Move kicks things off with some thin, golden pads, lively drum work and plenty of classic sounding piano and organ stabs to keep energy levels up. The Boxwork remix is even more insistent and direct with layers of piano stabs, ticking percussion and plenty of suspense bottled up with a classic vox sample, pining kick drums and a healthy dose of garage swing. ‘Got to Work; then stays a bit deeper, with warm pads and shuffling drums all forming a nice bed off which diva cries leap and organ notes toot. Tough Love goes in on the track for a final remix that is the techiest of the lot, closing out a fine package with something for everyone.