Beatherder Festival- Badass New Stage Announced.

TheFortressBeatherder,jpgBuilt on cups of teas and dreams, The Fortress really is a sight to behold. At 60ft long and formed of corrugated steel taken from the tomb of Miyamoto Musashi himself, it features four huge turrets and an impressive loft DJ booth.

Boasting a sound system so powerful it could shatter Valyrian Steel, and with a line up featuring the Dub Pistols, Mumbai Science and Justin Robertson, this new stage will literally blow your pants off. In fact, to simply call it The Fortress is a gross understatement – It’s the cats whiskery, bomb diggity, mother-licking Fortress Of DREAMS.

*Guarded by 50ft Gypsy Samurai bitches means that The Fortress is not only the most badass stage in the seven kingdoms, it’s also the safest.


Beatherder. The best thing to have happened to Lancashire since the Hotpot.

Tickets and full line up available HERE.

Beatherder Festival
5 – 7 July 2013

The Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Super Flexy Mix From Mumbai Science (last 20 mins ya’ll!!)