An Interview With Sebastien Leger

LEGARSébastien Léger built on his skills as a trained pianist and drummer, he speaks English, Dutch and French and since 2009 has enjoyed huge success with singles “Hit Girl”, “Hypnotized” and “Aqualight”.  He owns and manages record label ‘Mistakes Music’ and happens to have remixed for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Duran Duran, Groove Armada and Ali Love. He’s a very talented guy.

The Frenchman, radio-show host, multi-linguist and master of House and Tech spoke to us this week in the lead up to his much anticipated new album ‘Back To Basics’.

You are launching the release of your eagerly anticipated album ‘Back To Basics’, talk us through the album and process?

In the end of the day, it took me few years to do that, not in real time, but I kinda pushed back the project over and over, I even did one album that I completely trashed and start all over again…few times…then I gave myself a deadline that I would respect, which I did, and most of the tracks in this album has been done in 3 months (more or less), but a few are from old project that I never really finished, and I polished till it was done for me. There is even a track in there from 2004 that I always loved but never had the chance to release.

Did you have any special inspirations within the full length?

Yes, my own inspiration, but from few years back, it’s a sort of melting pot of my old sounds with the “today’s touch”. I wanted to do some very basics groove, with as little channels as possible, which I didn’t really archive because most of the tracks are quite complex in the end, but the raw ideas where simple.

Do you have any favourite tracks on the album?

Yes, “Imaginary Paradise” is my favorite, for me it’s a timeless piece of tech/house, with a groove, melody and clever arrangement.

You will be performing a special show at Egg club here in London, you’re a regular at the club, what make its so special for you?

The club has a great music policy the past few months if not longer, so basically bring a crowd that likes the music first, not a really tourist place with VIP tables.

What can we expect from the next show there?

I guess more or less of the same that I bring everywhere in the world, my own sound as a DJ, a mixture of groovy yet powerful funky tech/house, I also like to add some classics sometimes and a little touch of melody for the contrast.

You’re always traveling from city to city and country to country, how do you keep going? as it must be a busy lifestyle?

I don’t drink alcohol and no drugs either, I guess that’s how I do it. But it’s very tiring at some point, that’s the thing people don’t really see.

Is it good to visit the cities constantly as you seem to change your sound quite often?

I always changed my sound, or call it “adapt” my sound to what’s hot or not. I’m not following trend, but I’m defiantly not stuck in the past and play the same sound that i play last year or 10 years ago. I’m a true DJ discovering new stuff every week, and so it’s normal to move on and stay relevant.

What are your thoughts on the current twitter wars that arise very often now?

Entertaining….. honestly it’s good to see people saying what they have to say, like it or not, honestly is a good thing. Too much hypocrisy in this business, with shitty heart sign with fingers or “much love to [insert club name] you were the best last night”.

Are you a keen follower of twitter and it ever growing power?

I recently un-followed all the people i used to follow, too much of the same DJ bullshit, I got sick of this, I prefer to follow thing that are completely unrelated to DJ’s, the very few DJ’s I follow are because i’m friend with or they are funny or have stuff to say interesting. Dj’s spreading their fake love or only their latest EP doesn’t excite me much.

Finally where can we see Seb Leger over the summer?

Everywhere, better to check my Facebook at the gig tab, you’ll know 😉

Catch the talented Frenchman at EGG on June 14th, he’ll be playing alongside Marc Romboy.