Luke Black ‘Dry Flutter EP’


Luke Black / Dry Flutter EP


Tact Recordings / Released May 2013


Vital stuff from Luke Black, here making a fittingly subterranean appearance on Tact, his second in the label’s six release history. And we’re glad they invited him back, given the contents of this five-strong offering.

It’s rare for tough and understated tech to sound this unique without being obtuse or overtly desperate for originality, with almost everything here weighty, intelligent and fundamentally (very) enjoyable to hear. At a time when we’re overrun with tracks that can only be described as big or boring, it’s rare to find such beats, making for an essential purchase in our eyes.

All that’s made clear in the opening title track. Crisp, razor sharp percussion and dubby pads can’t help but grab the attention, meanwhile it’s patient design- taking well over a minute before that kick drops in properly- doesn’t opt for any easy methods of audience retention; the elements are good enough to do that without bigness per se. And the same can be said for the more downtempo compatriot offering, Feet In, another great example of engaging music that’s refuses to be obvious. Oh, and did we mention the excellent elec-breaks mix, Feet Out, courtesy of Matthew Burton? Then again, there’s probably no need to now.