Jammy’s Jaunts: 12.04 – 14.04 – Groovecast, White Jail, Rhythmatic, Toast and Weekend Circuit

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the event he was partying at in the last week… This time he spent his  special extended jaunts at Groovecast, White Jail, Rhythmatic, Toast and Weekend Circuit.
Hello and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! Your weekly clubbing review of London! This jaunt was extended and covered the very special Groovecast 2 Spring party, White Jail with Troy Pierce, Rhythmatic, Toast Underground and Weekend Circuit’s 2nd Birthday with Ryan Elliott. So my first trip took on Friday took me to the Horse and Groom for the second edition of Groovecast, as small and intimate party run by Tom Burnell with Daniel Plume, Falomir, Adam Merten, Owen Howells and Georgy Guiot all playing.I got there for around Midnight and warming up the decks was Daniel Plume who was give the top floor soundsystem a warm build up. Downstairs was busy as usual and was a whole different party down there so there was no clash in musical styles. Slowly but surely the room upstairs filled up and there was a nice number of people having a good time. It wasn’t as busy as the first Groovecast but this didn’t matter as the music was good especially from Adam Merten who came on and he did a really good job. I was pleasantly surprised and with the effort and the tracks that he dropped.

It was the first time I had seen him play and it wasn’t the usual deep/house music that I have heard previously from other DJs. It seems like recently everyone has the same sound as everybody else. This on the other hand was fresh and different, so it was definitely enjoyable. Next up was good pal Owen Howells. He came on after and I’ve seen him play many times and this time around for Groovecast he was on form again, a really nice deep groove from him, which really complimented the evening and the music that was played before. Definitely one to watch out for and especially his work with the ‘Shades of Grey’ record label, pushing out quality productions. Resident Tom Burnell finished things off, but I left shortly before he started for my second jaunt off at Crucifix lane to check out Troy Pierce for the White Jail party.




Quickly zipping down to London Bridge around 330am, I caught the last 3 hours of the White Jail party and by the time I got there Pierce was playing. Last time I actually saw him here was a few years back when he was with whole Minus crew with their special Contakt show. This time around he is now left Minus and one of the founders of the new collective ‘Items and Things’. As I arrived the place was pretty full, I would say around three quarters full and I wasn’t actually sure how Pierce would play. It was very obviously Minus based drones and bleeps and it was something that I really liked back around 2005-2008 and in a certain way I still do. Everyone was loving it and there was a different crowd to what I have noticed before. This was the also the first White Jail party that I have been to and it was interesting to see the vibe there. The music was decent enough to dance too and have a good time, and for sure I made the most of this, so it was all good. Resident Roberto Amo came on at the end and he carried on from where Pierce left off and gave a great ending to the party! A pretty decent Friday to start of the weekend!

Next up on the Saturday was the 3 club hop! Too many parties were on this weekend and I tried my best to take on as much as I could and represent them too. The first jaunt was at Hoxton Basement for the next Rhythmatic party with special guests Priku and Lilith alongside Archie Hamilton, Ceri and Mateo & Josef. I arrived there early as part of good friend Ceri’s special birthday weekender and caught bits of Mateo and Josef who warmed things up really well and then Ceri’s set which was an all vinyl set which was pretty cool to see considering it’s been a very long time since she last played on vinyl. She started off really well and even played a few of her own productions which hopefully will be out very soon! She kept the vibe going until Lilith arrived. She started off well and managed to catch a good part of her set until it was time to quickly nip across clubland to Victorian Vaults where Toast Underground were having their party.


Headed up by Steven Kurz and Leroy Roberts, their party has attempted and succeeded to bring a fresh new collective sound to London in terms of underground House and Techno. Previously acts to play for them have included Seuil, Mark Henning, Glimpse and the Fuse London roster to name a few. This time around they had Sammy Dee and Arapu as their headliners as well as Lee Moody and resident Steven Kurz. Set times were 22:00 – 00:00 Lee Moody, Arapu 00:00 – 02:00, Sammy Dee 02:00 – 04:00, Steven Kurz 04:00 – close. I arrived around 1am and caught the action as Arapu was playing. It was very deep and slow with a rumbling bassline kick. Very reminiscent of the Romanian sound that has flooded London over the past year or two. It was pretty decent to hear out and was quite surprised by him. Not really my cup of tea, but was nice to represent for the Toast crew who put on good parties, especially at Victorian Vaults which I like as a venue ever since I caught the last Illusion Sound party there. I stayed for about an hour and a half, saw some good friends and finished up at the last jaunt across London for the special Weekend Circuit 2nd Birthday with Ryan Elliott.


So the last jaunt of the weekend came at Rhythm factory with Ryan Elliott alongside Chris Stanford and resident and head of Weekend Circuit: Michael Wells. I arrived just as Chris Stanford finished and as I entered the main room, the place was rammed! It was really good to see this night busy and successful, especially with a strong headliner.  Rhythm Factory can be hit and miss sometimes as it can be regarded by many as ‘being out of the way’, but if you have a decent party with a good following and high quality DJ’s the rest will come together and it did in this instance. Elliott rocked the main room and his flair and excellence behind the decks was pretty incredible and well worthy of his title of resident of Panorama Bar. The last time I caught him was at One More last month where he really performed well and delivered some incredible techno. Again another DJ to catch play if you have never seen him play before. Wow what an extended weekend! A great weekend with great parties and great friends! Same time next weekend?