Ruff Cherry ‘The Section 31 EP’


Ruff Cherry / The Section 31 EP

Vinyl / Digital 

Elastic Dreams / Released April 2013


It’s always nice to see something quietly doing good things, and considering we’ve found time to positively review half the releases still-fledgling Bristol imprint Elastic Dreams has put out you’re probably clear on the fact we see this imprint as doing just that. Fittingly, so too does its music.

Nothing on this EP, or the previous five, could be described as a solution to the problems caused by a lack of high standard filler fare for DJs. All the tracks do something, and arguably none more so than what’s offered on Ruff Cherry’s The Section 31. Whether it’s the infinitely danceable and pleasingly repetitive darkroom tech of Wolf In The Fold (maybe the highlight here for us), or epic digital only downtempo oddity Errand Of Mercy, the arrangements are complex and bold, bordering on standout, whilst also being far removed from obvious or attention seeking. A combination of hypnotic dance proper with intelligence, one criticism could be that it all sounds a bit too refreshing for comfort, because that would also be an indictment of many alternatives in the new releases section.