Close ‘Beam Me Up’


Close / Beam Me Up

Vinyl / Digital 

!K7 / Released April 2013


After a moment’s investigation into this package of sizeable sounding music few people won’t realise what a ‘might as well buy it whilst they have stock’ offering it is (in the proverbial sense if you’re talking digital). Close is a new alias for the ever-impressive Aus Music and Simple Records boss Will Saul, !K7 being Peter Kruder’s rarely fails imprint, and new school don Scuba getting involved in the production work too, a chap who can’t help but make tones of a high standard (irrespective of your specific taste). Add to that the fact vocalist Charlene Soraia can sing rather well, and it’s fair to say the deal is done regardless of critiques.

Nevertheless, we’ve started so we’ll finish. As the first tune to be revealed from the forthcoming Close album it certainly wears its heart on its sleeve; in the words of the producer himself (apparently) ‘this is how pop music should sound’, and if the full length LP follows suit it’ll be just fine with us. Whilst this single wouldn’t sound completely out of place on a dancefloor, the original track Beam Me Up– presented here with remixes from George Fitzgerald, Scuba, and Hercules and Love Affair- is definitely built to be listened to various scenarios.

And that’s far from a bad thing. The re-edits can’t be scoffed at either, not particularly taking things down a different avenue so much as accentuating individual aspects of the source material- respectively housier, deeper-dubbier-electroier, and more acidic (please excuse the ridiculous terminology). A little something for many ears, these alternate offerings also highlight the number of reference points audible in the inaugural offering, accentuating just how accomplished a piece of ‘pop’ it actually is.