Loopdeville release Series 2…


Loopdeville – Knock Knock Series 2

The Knock Knock label has made a name for themselves with dark and dubby reelases that challenge the norm. Here comes another EP of two originals and one Alex id remix that proves the point once more.

Ambient Anarchist kicks off the EP with plenty of sparse but scary synth sounds and gluey, hiccup rhythms. All sorts of found sound percussion and knife edge chords littler the soundscape and its proof that minimal music needn’t by dry and dull. Frenchman Alex Kid then reinterprets the track into something really suggestive and subtle. Until the raw kick drums bounce into action that is, grinding against frazzled synths and scurrying little alien sounds and making for something that gets right into your brain.

Get U High is the other original and is noxious and heady soup of darkened sounds, from the kinky rhythms to the oppressive atmospheres to the intricate little sound design, it’s one for the dead of night and no mistake.