Ramian Tapia cooks up a storm with his Damping EP


Ramon Tapia – Damping EP
Say What?

Ramon Tapia has been crafting house and techno for almost a decade now. Labels like Virtual, Great Stuff, We Play House and many others have all come calling in that time, but for his latest release the Belgian artists appears on his own well respected Say What label.

For the EP he serves up two no nonsense slices of tech house that will lock floors into a groove and keep them there throughout. The first is the title track Damping, which is a pristine cut tool with sharp edges and shiny surfaces all coalescing perfectly into an infectious groove. Loopy yet loose, the track has a slightly tripped out late night vibe that isn’t in your face but instead slowly works its way into your conscious in style. The flip side is Lock which hits that bit harder and has a nicely unhinged bassline underlining the whole thing with a slightly classic bent. It’s alive with the sound of filtered vocals and recedes before kicking again at the mid point, ensuring maximum impact.