Loquace releases Cause Away

LOQUACE – Cause Away

Kiara is the Barcelona imprint that focus on a heady brew of intoxicating house music. Here, they turn to the choice French producer Castagnet Loic AKA Loquace for their next EP, and it comes backed with a remix from man of the moment Chris Lattner.

The Frenchman serves up three house tracks that all work their way under your skin with prime era minimal vibes not far era. First effort “Cause Away” is a tightly coiled and kinetic rhythm with plenty of panning effects and percussive detail. It gets remixed by Lattner into an even more stripped and seductive affair that wibbles and wobbles with an inviting cool.

The package also includes two more cuts from Loquace. The first is “Would Be Nice” which has hi hats to die for – they slice up jostling beats and kicks and a slightly ominous vibe comes from the darkened vocal that gets stretched across the top. Final cut “Black Future” displays the producer’s knack for weaving tight but light fingered sonic tapestries that really invite you to dance. DC:10 will lap up all the efforts here on yet another fine release for Kiara.