Gooseneck Records announce debut compilation…

March will see Gooseneck records release their first ever label compilation. It drwas together the imprint’s expansive roster and lays out afresh and original vision for house music. Marco Darko, Dakin Auret, Thomas De Lorenzo, Zuckre, Paul Stott and Denis Yashin and their many different musical styles all feature across 18 floor ready tracks.

Alistair Gillespie is the man behind the label and someone who has spent almost 10 years DJing throughout South America. The label started in Los Angeles and is now based out of Sao Paulo, possibly explaining its wide sonic remit, and has expanded from a Chicago house indebted label to now focus on things like disco as much as more indie leaning dance. The man clearly has a great ear for A&R and this Various Artists compilation is a clear example of that.

There are many highlights along the way including Marco Darko’s ‘Any Kind Of Fun’, a loose opener with a big bassline. Igluu then touches on woozy, downbeat house that works you into an afterparty styled trance and Thomas de Lorenzo goes for a more stripped back and cool house sound, hanging is synths in the air above molten beats and bass.

Paul Scott lays down some Hot Creations styled big booty shaking basslines and Dakin Auret’s contribution is another tight and bobbling house number driven by a simple but effective bassline. Overall a great compilation with lots to offer and one that shines a light on a raft of exciting new talent.