Wally Stryk release new EP…

Wally Stryk
Quiberon EP
Out Now

Functionality is an underrated trait when it comes to electronic music. Sure, some records make the listener immediately stand up and take notice, but on the other hand are those tracks that help the night flow at a steady and consistent pace; the sort of essential records that all too often go unnoticed. And on the basis of his latest EP for his own Hermine imprint, French producer Wally Stryk knows a thing or two about crafting such records.

Title track “Quiberon” is layered with moody motifs and dubby elements, yet it rarely breaks free of the stride concocted by its intricately crafted loops. By adhering to a stringent pace and texture, it’s precisely the sort of bridging tool that’ll piece matters together with assurance on the dance floor.

Indeed, the same can be said for the onslaught of tribal percussion that comprises “Carnac”. It too rumbles along, but unlike a rolling stone it gathers very little substantial moss. The last of Stryk’s original is the pick of the bunch too, as “Hoedic” (again with a punchy underbelly of percussion) lends the package a previously unseen atmosphere that makes use of vintage and contemporary techniques. Someone Else then adds the gloss with his interpretation of the latter: a more layered and forceful take on the original.