An Interview with Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander is an artist very much on the up. With another massive year ahead which will see him continue his charge, we managed to pin down this Swedish talent currently signed to Pryda Friends, for an interview prior to his visit to London this weekend for Electronic Sessions 7th birthday celebrations.

Plain & Simple – You have been called on to remix for some incredible artists such as Digitalism. Any personal stand out experiences on the remix front?

Jeremy Olander – I try to not to do too many remixes. I think it’s more fun to focus on originals and if I do a remix I really want the original to struck a chord with me. I did however recently make one for 16 Bit Lolitas and their track ‘Chant a Tune’. Super happy with that one and people have really responded well to it. I’ve always been a huge fan of them so when that was set up I was all over it.

P&S – Can you talk us through your studio set-up. What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

J.O – My studio equipment is very basic. Genelec 8030A Monitors and an old T.C Electronics Desktop Konnekt6 interface, a MacbBook Pro and Sennheiser HD-25 headphones. The MacBook is probably my favorite.

P&S – Be it remix, edit or production, do you prefer working on any particular one of these formats?

J.O – Originals are always special to work on and play out for obvious reasons. Editing tracks is also something I like a lot. Guess it goes hand in hand with that I try to make my sets stand out and be unique.

P&S – As a DJ, what is your general technical set up?

J.O – I try to keep it pretty basic and focus on the track selection and the flow of the set. Three CDJ 2000s, a DJM 800 mixer and I’m good to go.

P&S – You will be playing at Brixton Jamm on Saturday 9 March for Electronic Sessions 7thBirthday. How do you find playing in London compared to other cities?

J.O – The UK crowd is known for being one of the most educated in the world and I definitely agree with that. It’s always a pleasure and a challenge to play for a crowd like that and when you pull it off it’s the most rewarding thing in the world.

P&S – Over the past 12 months, what was your most memorable DJ experience?

J.O- From the top of my head, I have to say my recent min-tour in Japan. It was just mind blowing. I have never been so inspired by a country and its culture. The crowd was way better than I had anticipated and people were going nuts at the shows! Truly a humbling feeling to know that my music has spread so far across the globe.

P&S – In March alone you will be playing London, New York and mainland Europe. In your career so far, what has been your favourite DJ destination and why?

J.O – Tel Aviv has a special place in my heart. The vibe and people there is very special. Everybody are so friendly, weather is great and the food is amazing. It’s the place I’ve visited the most in my career so far and I hope to continue that.

P&S – It looks like 2013 is going to be another massive year for you. Do you have any hot news for us, be it in the studio or behind the decks you can tell us about that not another soul knows about?

J.O – I have a lot of stuff planned for this year, but I’m not really sure if I can talk about all of it just yet. What I can say is that I’m looking to start my own label as well as get my own radio show going pretty soon.

P&S – Why do you think Sweden has produced so many successful DJs recently, and musicians in general? What are your thoughts on the SHM?

J.O – Sweden is great in a lot of ways and one of them is that there’s lots of stuff to do for kids after school. You’re encouraged to go to sports halls, attend music classes, acting classes and so on. That whole culture makes young kids try new stuff early on in life and explore their creative sides. It’s not why I got into to music, but I think it explains why a lot of people know how to play instruments here. As far as SHM, it’s amazing to see what they’ve accomplished. I saw them play for 200 people in a basement when I first got into electronic music, so its definitely an inspiring story.

P&S – How would you best define your sound today? and what can we expect from you at the Electronic Sessions birthday at Brixton Jamm on March 9th?

J.O – Mostly dark and pumping, with hints of happy, uplifting melodies. Not sure what kind of crowd that will be there, but I’m hoping to be able to take them on a musical roller coaster ride.

P&S – Who are your Dj’s to watch out for in 2013?

J.O – Fehrplay, Richie G and André Sobota will blow up this year. Great human beings and fantastic producers.

P&S – You live in Stockholm, but have you ever lived abroad, or any plans too in the future?

J.O – I lived in NYC and DC a couple of years ago for about 6 months. I’m really keen on moving back though. We’ll just have to see what happens.

P&S – What football team do you support?

Jeremy Olander – Djurgårdens IF.

P&S – Can you name some ambitions you would like to achieve before you hit 30!?

J.O – I would love to go to space.

For more information on Electronic Sessions 7th Birthday at Jamm this Saturday 9 March, check out the listing and link on P&S HERE