Blueday Stereo release new EP

French producer Blueday Stereo is well versed in crafting party starting jams, just as his live shows and his previous work (not least 2012’s “Forever”), for Claude Monnet’s Paris based SSOH imprint would seem to suggest. While the latter track paired him with the vocal talents of Jocelyn Mathieu, his latest – on the surface – would appear to offer more of the same, with Mathieu once again appearing. Thankfully however, it marks an entirely different direction altogether.

While the latter was reliant on a steady house groove and sultry vocal, “Just Fly” sees Blueday Stereo lash a barrage of different sounds into the equation, with jazzy overtones and catchy-as-you-like vocals among its foremost characteristics. Different and colourful, it also makes use of a number of samples that are sure to polarise opinion on the floor.

Label head honcho Claude Monnet serves up the finest of the remixes, with his take turbo charged with percussion and obscure, electro-styled synths. There’s a dub version too, and further remixes by Dagui Rodann and Lino Spakling emphasise both producer’s funk and tech-house capabilities respectively. Timothee Milton’s deep-house version is a welcome addition too, with his ear warming, keyboard-fuelled remix as a soothing accompaniment to matters elsewhere.