Bloc – The Return


After a sad and disastrous end to what was a hugely successful run of festivals, Bloc are back with a series of ten events for 2013.
Like John Travolta after Pulp Fiction and Micky Rourke with Sin City, Bloc are taking it back, and not simply for personal redemption but for the loyal fans who have stood fast in the face of some serious backlash.mapbloc

The dance collective will be going back to their roots with a series of ten shows in a new studio venue in London “Returning full-circle to the underground setting from whence it came” With the amount of heart and soul pumped into past events, its safe to assume that these will not disappoint.
The pressures and risks involved with curating large capacity festivals are phenomenal, and I’m sure the disappointment for all involved can be of equally epic proportion, but shit happens. What matters is getting back on your feet and dusting yourself off in the face of adversity. And so they did…with resilience and dedication they have risen from the ashes and got a bit ‘Rocky Balboa’ on the situation. Good luck to you guys! Positive vibes for 2013.


1. Model 500 Live + Juan Atkins DJ

Sat 09/03/13
Tickets available HERE

‘Magic’ Juan Atkins invented techno, so that you might be one day be able to dance to it. Juan was part of the infamous Belleville Three with Derrick May and Inner City’s Kevin Saunderson – the trio of precocious Detroit teenagers that are widely credited with creating the techno sound as we know it. Reprogramming the groove genetics of Prince and Parliament for a cyborg generation, Atkins’ sound has always been as funky as it has futuristic; whether taking the form of the classic electro sound or his harder, more intense techno batterings.

Model 500 live sees a four piece band – including Mad Mike Banks – recreating Juan’s compositions for your intense audio pleasure at Bloc’s first show at the new London venue.

Juan himself will methodically select slabs of heavy electronic wonder with tactical DJ support for the band. Remember kids; techno.