VIVa Warriors debuts in Leeds with a huge showcase…


VIVa Warriors has been has had its sure fire plaudits over in the year of 2012. The brand represented at the illustrious Sankeys Club, Ibiza every Wednesday to packed out audiences, whilst label head honcho Steve Lawler also took the brand around the world on many a tour. Now after a month off Steve finally arrived back in Leeds, a home away from home for the veteran VIVa Music frontman over the years. Also a while since we saw him at the legendary The Warehouse club.

With a line up that left no stone unturned, Greek Live producer Detlef lined up against local bit hitter Darius Syrossian, both large cogs in the success of Steves most valuable possession VIVa. Detlef announced his Leeds debut with some crafty house channeling alongside some VIVa cuts to some of his fresher elements. Live music in clubs can sometimes be a bore to watch and listen to however Detlef had some serious energy and the crowd certainly responded.

Cometh the hour cometh the man, Steve Lawler always makes his presence felt with his sets and charisma behind the booth. The Brummy legend from start to finish took the party faithful into a frenzy with some house edits fresh from the VIVA vaults. Typical in his approach there were plenty of drops and punchy bass within his set, just like we have come to know and love from him throughout the years. Steve is always a banker when it comes to leaving the audience walking away with a smile on their faces, this was certainly no different.

Last but not least Darius Syrossian graced us. The local lad turned worldwide success arrived slightly late from his London gig but certainly didn’t disappoint with his now famous sounds.`Capping off the night with some 90’s and old school housey vibes Darius is great at keeping the crowd going and always works well on a line up with Steve. A blend of old and new cuts married perfectly towards to the sold out crowd.

A great way to kick off the 2013 campaign for The Warehouse and a great way for The Warehouse to start their run up to their illustrious birthday in March.