Round Table knights drop new bomb on Off Recordings…

Round Table Knights – So Good EP

Out Now

In the wake of acts like Ripperton, Switzerland is an ever-vital electronic outpost. At the forefront of that are Round Table Knights, a loveable duo with their own charming take on house and tech. Never was that more obvious than on the three essential tracks here.

‘So Good’ toys with you as a bassline, percussive snap or vocal drops into the mix before being pulled back again. Once the “ill make you feel good” vocal drops proper above slapping beats and claps, the mood is set, so you think, then it changes again with layers of African style ad lib chanting – as far form a standard tech house tune as you can imagine, then. The same track gets stripped back and plumped out by Teenage Mutants on remix duties, before the more reserved ‘Graciela’ again teases, with a snatched female cry hanging in large hollow spaces and metallic percussion providing the rhythm.  Eventually it drops and some keen melody work lights up the backdrop of the track. The mood is revelatory, celebratory, and closes out another great EP from this ever on form pair.