Weltenwandler/T.S.H release mega 6 track EP, Gegen die Ziet on Electrophil Records…

Weltenwandler/T.S.H release mega 6 track EP, Gegen die Ziet on Electrophil Records

Mixes: Weltenwandler/T.S.H

Catalogue #: EPR 010

Release Date (Beatport): 14th December

Release Date (Everywhere else): 28th December

Track 1:
Weltenwandler feat. Vicky Bary – Get Away
Track 2:
T.S.H. – Gegen die Zeit
Track 3:
Weltenwandler – Selenazoline Rave
Track 4:
Weltenwandler – Selenazoline Rave (T.S.H. Remix)
Track 5:
T.S.H. – Gegen die Zeit (Weltenwandler’s Memento Mori Remix)

Track 6 (Bonus Track): Weltenwandler feat. Vicky Bary – Get Away (T.S.H Remix)

Between Agnes, Ripperton, Michel Cleis and Lee van Dowski, these are heady times indeed for Switzerland’s electronic music landscape. While the likes of Perspektiv and Cadenza have helped showcase the talents of the aforementioned foursome to a wider audience, Electrophil is the latest in a string of imprints demanding to be heard outside of its native country.


And the music is the reason why. The label’s discography thus far has shifted between the sorrowful and the high-octane, with their most recent endeavour, Weltenwandler and T.S.H’s “Gegen die Zeit”, indicative of two producers – and a label – with serious scope.

The retro-tinged, piano charged strands of Weltenwandler’s “Get Away” is first up. A harmonious melding of styles sees lyricist Vicky Bary’s contribution act as a wonderful foil to its otherwise party-starting capabilities. Although the latter might have neatly served up a dose of light-hearted energy, T.S.H’s “Gegen die Zeit” is more interested in making a forceful impression via its downtrodden outlook.

Weltenwandler’s “Selenazoline” is an altogether different beast to everything that’s arrived before, with its many synths unfurling amongst a cacophony of smile-inducing brilliance. T.S.H then injects the track with a less-frenzied approach – and while he brings the acid in a major way to “Get Away” – it’s Weltenwandler’s discerning “Memento Mori” remix of the title track that walks home with most of the plaudits.