An Interview with Hannah Holland.


Hannah Holland chats to Plain and Simple about her eventful year in 2012 her label Batty Bass and the up and coming show on Boxing Day with Sounds of House.

How has your year been? What’s got you most excited?

This year has been great thanks, full of studio production and very memorable trips including a debut in New York. Writing and performing my album tracks, live, with full band and the incredible vocalists Mama & Black Gold Buffalo was amazing. Also launching new label Native City with Deboa was a real highlight!

What is it you love about bass so much, and why?

Growing up in London, you’re kind of born into it! Jungle was the first dance music that got me hooked, aged about 13, its in my musical makeup. Its the warmth and sex appeal of a record.

How has the label been this year, has its MO changed since you first started it?

Batty Bass has had some great releases and remixes in 2012, from artists such as Dan Beaumont, Terry Farley, Matt Walsh, Sveta & Tokoloshe, Dan Avery, The Deadstock 33’s, The Carry Nation, Bubba and myself. A mixture of brand new acts and legendary established artists have contributed some Batty Bass gems. The ethos continues to be the same, genre crunching, underground stars & colorful characters.

Myself and Deboa launched Native City this year, dedicated to stripped down house and techno, our first release ‘Fight EP’ had a great reactions from DJs across the board from Luciano to T Williams to Claude VonStroke. Our stonkin second release from Smokin Jo is coming out on Dec 13th.

You have an album coming soon, right? Why did you decide the time was right?

Ive been working on the album for over a year now, with different vocal talents and musicians, its going to be an amalgamation of influences to produce something brand new and LIVE! The plan is to play the tracks live, full band and singers. All will be revealed shortly! It was something that had been on my mind for a while, a series of influential events, a very eclectic music taste and the stars alined caused the decision to start!

Tell us what to expect at Sounds of House later this month?

Ill be dusting off some classic deep and dirty bass lead house and techno and bringing some brand new fresh cuts, as i know the Sound Of House crew LOVE their bass.!

You played there before, how was it, can you remember?!

Yes looking forward to playing again, was a crowd of music lovers, and lots of muscles i seem to remember! 😉

What else you got coming up/are you exacted about?

Batty Bass New Years Day is always my favorite party of the year, nothing beats the energy and magic that happens at The Star on Jan 1st. New releases on Batty Bass and Native City throughout 2013 are really exciting. Plus putting the live show together!

Will you be making any new year resolutions?

Nah , I make resolutions every other week!