What’s on in London

If you are stepping out for a night out in London, you don’t have to look too hard for something to do. London offers a wide choice of entertainment options and venues. You simply have to pick one that suits your interests and pocket. Whether you are in the mood for some music and dancing, theatre, or even an art exhibit, there’s something for everyone.

Event listings and club listings

These listings primarily focus on event information and club listings to help you plan your evening. They include information on venues, special appearances and performances, timings, availability of tickets, discounts and special offers, venue ratings and pretty much all the information you need to plan your evening.

Search filters in these listings allow you to search within a set radius for the most accessible pubs, clubs and venues close to you. Some of the other search criteria include dates, event names, venue names, popularity of the venue, and its ratings.

How to make the best use of event and club listings?

You can buy your tickets online and have your pick among the best deals listed. Only a handful of websites can bring you truly great offers; so make sure you buy tickets from a reliable website.

If you live in London or plan to visit regularly, you can subscribe to event information and club listings newsletters or to their mailing lists as well. In fact, they are a great way to plan your weekends well ahead of time.

Blogs and reviews from event listing websites offer you a good insight into what you are getting into. If you are not familiar with the artistes performing at a club, you can find review forums that can help you decide if you want to go.

Some of them have on-going competitions that let you win air tickets for special events and even offer complementary tickets for the event itself. So feel free to give it your best shot.

It’s Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple brings you a wide array of event listings and club listings covering everything you would need for a night out in London. We list a wide choice of events from every part of London. From reviews and interviews to event maps, we aim to deliver all the tools needed to plan your evening with ease.

We also encourage event promoters to list their events with us. So whether you are a promoter or just looking for fun ways to explore London, we would be happy to help. Contact us here.