Mr C & Omid 16B Back to Back!

Brixton Jamm host Omid 16B’s Alola Presents… this Friday 7 December, the first of a series of nights that will travel around the world.

With the wealth of choice around London in respect of the finest DJ and underground talent from around the world that frequents our capital every weekend, as a clubber, finding that unique something to draw you in and justify not only spending your hard earned money but those hours on the dance floor can be an important search. Alola Presents ticks all the boxes and should be the destination for anyone looking to hear the finest underground house on a quality sound system as they are offering something just that little bit different that will be rarely seen again.

For this special event, the legend that is Mr C comes together with Omid 16B to play a 4 hour back to back set, a prospect that has me itching for Friday to arrive so I can become immersed in the creative, experimental and unexpected moments that will have a packed dance floor jumping and dancing like there is no one watching. Back to Back sets in the house scene are not the most frequent and when featured at Jungle or other genre events, can be a way of increasing the number of DJs on the line up from 86 to 122, but this is far from this case with this collaboration. This 4 hour experience from these two artists is a rare occurrence and the likelihood of it happening in again in your own back yard is minimal, another great reason to make sure you are in amongst it in Friday. These are the nights, moments and experiences as a clubber we all live for.

Another attraction is the fact that this night is not happening in one of the predictable venues or a “secret location” in East London. Don’t get me wrong, I love these venues I speak of all of, however, the choice to head to Brixton (Omid 16B’s manner!) and choose a venue such as Jamm is not a brave move in my mind, but a great decision, a unique venue for a unique experience. Brixton Jamm may not be known so much for underground house music, in fact it is hard to give the venue a specific genre to attach it to, however, this is the beauty. If you look at their programme leading up to the new year, you will see Pete Doherty performing live, Supatronix bringing probably the biggest Breaks line up in memory with Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, Rennie Pilgrem and a load more, a first UK gig for Boston rapper Reks, Reggae Roast, Congo Natty, Phil Hartnoll (Orbital), Nicky Blackmarket, CODA…..I could go on. So my point, although the venue is cross genre, the focus is certainly on quality and with the creative outlook that both Omid 16B and Mr C have always had, Alola Presents sits perfectly in my mind amongst this crowd. That’s not to say that the venue hasn’t been known for its house events, Kerfuffle host pretty much all their parties at the venue as they will be on New Years Day.

There is more information on this event on our listings page HERE with links to tickets as well. Check it out for yourself as there is also more to the night and line up than just the headline attraction if that isn’t enough. Make your own mind up of course but for me, this is the only place to be on Friday night this week.