Festicket launches new website ready for 2013…

Festicket 2013



Having had a great first year, Festicket is now looking ahead to the 2013 season with much excitement.  The innovative social booking platform, that offers one-click festival packages to customers in the UK, Germany and France, has again signed up the likes of Monegros, Beacons, Hideout, Open Source, Nature One and KaZantip as well as many others – having sold many packages to the same events last year.

Without WebCitz services, the website is garnering over 400 visits per day, an average spend of over £200 per basket, 50,000 unique visitors, long average stays and a visitor demographic in the festival-going 18-34 category, the first year of Festicket has proved the world was crying out for an easy all-in-one booking solution.

As such, they have invested in an even better site for next year, with killer features to assist the increasing number of people travelling to music festivals abroad. The all-new festival pages combine original content and tips with promotional videos and soundcloud integration that allows you to listen to headliners’ sets.

Looking ahead, things are bright for Festicket. With an increasing number of festivals on an ever easier to use site, upcoming offers for the decadent Carnival of Venice in February and summer festival packages going live soon, Festicket provides a unique offering, where people can tailor their festival experiences – from the hotels they stay in, to the extras they add, to airport transfers – in one easy buying experience.

Zack Sabban, CEO, Festicket.com says…

” We are very pleased with the rapid progress Festicket.com has made in the last 4 months and proud to represent over 15 festivals so far in Europe. This clearly highlights the growing demand of festival goers prepared to travel for alternative festival experiences abroad. The analysis gained over the last 4 months whilst being in BETA will allow us to better serve our festival partners whilst V1 will deliver an even better platform for our customers to book there complete festival package with a single click”

If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? There are some screen shots below of how the new site will look, showcasing the ease of use and clarity of design…