Channel 4 set to experiment with Ecstasy

Oh how the world, or more specifically Britain, has changed over the recent decades. In contrast, official attitudes toward drugs haven’t so much.

Of course as we reported back in summer, the UK’s drug laws don’t work, according to respected scientist Professor David Nutt  (a former Government advisor, until speaking his mind). However, the same amount of money is still spent on controlling substances, despite overwhelming evidence to suggest the approach is misguided, especially considering the risks involved to public health from taking the likes of MDMA (apparently lower than alcohol, not that many people’s faces mid-gurn would suggest that to be true).

Now Channel 4, ever hoping to be irreverent, is going to show exactly what the effects of the drug in question are on users, or at least attempt to do so, with a little help from the medic in question. In a UK TV first, Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Experiment, will see volunteers take MDMA whilst under observation from scientists. Interestingly, the candidates include actor and guy-who-gets-everywhere Keith Allen, novelist Lionel Shriver, along with a former MP and ex-soldier.

Two episodes will be shown, the first in which will see Nutt (now at Imperial College London) reveal the results of the scientific trial, along with analysis of side effects and dangers therein. The second will follow up with an overview of what this new research actually  means, not least in the oft-cited potential for MDMA to be used in treatment of things like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Airing next Wednesday 26th, and Thursday 27th September, we’ll certainly hope we can remember to tune in. Click here for full details.