London gallery to celebrate the day after your night before

Next weekend sees the launch of a brand new exhibition in a particularly exciting space just south of the river in England’s fair capital. The building’s worth a look in itself, though thanks to the focus of its forthcoming show we thought it particularly apt to draw your attention to it.

Anyone unfamiliar with Brixton may not know of Block 336, a lower level gallery situated inside an imposing brutalist building designed in the way all 1970s midrises were. In the basement you’ll find a pretty spectacular space for artwork, indicative of the old use for the address (a banking data centre). Retro sci-fi, abandoned chic indeed.

On Saturday, 29th September Plain & Simple types will have more reasons to visit than this though, with Hair Of The Dog opening that day (and running until October 26th). In the words of those responsible, the aim is to: ” Navigate the detritus of parties just ended or evoke the utopian vision of a liberated or bohemian social past. Reflecting on our habits, our ideals and misdemeanors, our perversions, pretensions and cultural identities”.
 Interesting stuff, full details of where to find it and how to get there are below, whilst clicking on this link will re-direct you to the official website.


Hair of the Dog

@ Block 336, 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA

Free Admission; Saturday 29th September – Friday 28th October 2012

Work on show from:

Kiera Bennett

Dan Coombs

Sam Dargan

Louisa Durose

Sean Dower & Guy Bar Amotz

David Kefford

Curated by Reece Jones