Lee Curtiss ‘Lunatic Fringe’

Lee Curtiss / Lunatic Fringe

Vinyl / Digital 

Visionquest / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

One of the most talked about camps around returns with Lee Curtiss serving a dose of sleazy, electronic house music that has (apparently) been something of a mainstay in his recent live sets. Saturated in straight liquor and sex, or so they’d have us believe, without putting too fine a point on it the results veer from Music For Freaks to Jimmy Edgar

Body Twitch opens fire first, from the crotch at least anyway, what with its slightly unsettling spoken word, male lyrics discussing ‘working like we’re making kids‘, amongst other, more profane statements of intent. Backed with bumbling rhythm, flat beat and live clap, a huge synth eventually arrives, before contracting at an equally slow pace, accentuating that this is definitely one for club, not home listening.

In contrast Freaks is a little more obscure, and thankfully direct- living up to the previous MFF reference, what with its Weatherall-style declaration of being a freak, and sharp electro-stabs. Then we have closing episode, Haters, which ushers in more electro yet, as breaks topped with Chicago-ish acidity (a la Derrick Carter) help develop a loose house outing filled with surprising wooshing noises and the like.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Other than the cover, full marks must go to Haters really- it’s neither as explicit and monotonous when compared with Body Twitch, or as done better elsewhere before as Freaks.

Where can I buy it?