DJ Tennis feat. Pillow Talk ‘The Outcast’

DJ Tennis feat. Pillow Talk / The Outcast

Vinyl / Digital 

Kompakt / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

Manfredi Romano, AKA DJ Tennis and Life And Death imprint co-founder, joins forces with one of the key exponents from his label’s formative year, Pillow Talk- who some will know from 2010’s The Come Back EP– to board the good ship Kompakt. And, for those already making assumptions, the results are every bit as interesting as those ingredients suggest.

Non-formulaic, melancholic vocal house music being the operative term here then, just one eponymous original track’s offered on the package. Warm bass, subtle string and piano loops and distant charms marking things out as a 12AM classic.

The Life And Death remix darkens the mood even more, accentuating the mysterious twinkling keys before dropping a renegade snare in to take things into near-broken territory. Meanwhile, Morgan Guest, of Metro Area note, throws in even more percussion, rumbling baritone, and chops the lyrics into stabs- bringing in those chords later, following up with synth arpeggios, later to create a more positive, but no less hypnotic vibe.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Amazingly, this is one of those rare instances wherein three interpretations follow-ish a similar route, and do it equally well. In short, impossible to choose.

Where can I buy it?