Various Artists ‘Contemporary’

Various Artists / Contemporary

Vinyl / Digital 

Tartelet / Released August 2012


What does it sound like?

Next level beats spread across a full LP, brought direct from one of the more interesting European labels currently releasing house-related sounds, namely Copenhagen’s Tartelet. Comparable to everything from the 80s electronica of Carmel to the deep, spacey tech of SCSI-9, it’s all rather high brow, but nonetheless highly compelling.

To be a little more specific then James Braun, who has a new album of his own arriving imminently, drops his shuffling, scuzzy number, Passages, filled with tracking hi-hats and airy synths, complimented by a bumbling low end. Elsewhere Brandt Brauer Frick craft a percussive four four track, wherein plucked strings and all manner of wooden accents take precedent, topped off with melancholic piano keys, whilst MHM One’s Not Sure I Understand goes for a tougher style, reversed cymbals topping a heavy, baritone-led groove.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

2400 Operator’s The Feeling sports suitably old school undertones, refrained melody, vocal stab and almost never-ending bleeped hook; highly recommendable futuristic soul indeed. In contrast the amusingly monikered Muff Deep take things down electro avenues, echoed tom drums and snares, squelching low ends and soaring strings, which is no less enjoyable. Oh, and Andrea Fiorito finishes us off on dubby techno notes, even going so far as to include a ravey electric organ section- also well worth a listen.

Where can I buy it?