Aqob ‘The Red Planet EP’

Aqob / The Red Planet EP

Vinyl / Digital 

Question Of Time / Released August 2012


What does it sound like? 

Space-age techno of the curious, rather than pounding variety, it’s easy to find yourself getting lost in the notable depth inherent in all the productions here. Twinkling notes and key-changing bass being the order of the day for the Original mix of the EP’s title track, dissipating to allow a greater focus on epic synth chords, and a nostalgia-tinged sample with some guy talking about government selection and the release of information.

Upping the electro element, and sounding not unlike output on Boxer Recordings’ imprint Boxer Sport, The Red Planet Remix is up next, adding punchier drums and alien-like effects to ensure we’re still on a seriously deep vibe whilst things are a little more traditionally dancefloor. Then we have May In Saturn– along with its chorus of strings, distorted vocals and bouncy low end- before Took My Mind rounds the package off on a notably different aesthetic, gritty, rolling electric bass guitars, staccato off-tempo breaks and expansive chords developing into a more coherent, surprisingly warm arrangement that’s as dense as it is smile-inducing.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

As fans of Aqob will know, he’s rather good at crafting tunes that get into your head, and have an emotional effect. Everything on here ticks those boxes, though final offering Took My Mind offers the latter in more healthy doses, winding up a surprise winner that’s somewhere between downbeat and end of the night oddity.

Where can I buy it?