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Variety is usually a good thing. Certainly when it comes to music, anyway. The finest bands, DJs, and producers didn’t graduate from just one school of sound, even if they strictly play a niche sub-genre. Applying rules and ethics associated with very different canons, this is a key reason why some are just good, and others excellent.

Although now having built himself a fine beats-related reputation over the last seven eight years, Alejandro Mosso is a case in point. His work within the audio business stretches back another decade, if not more, to the 1990s, an era in which he played in a number of bands, touching on post punk, electro pop, and more. As such it’s unsurprising he has achieved note for the quality of his tunes, from a musical perspective, as much as that of the dancefloor alone.

After all, it takes something rather special to get the likes of Sven Vath, !K7, Ministry of Sound, and Mo’s Ferry hankering for a license to release. With such pedigree behind him, launching his own imprint last year made perfect sense, and though still in its infancy the remit is already clear; one that focuses on heads down, proper workouts, rather than throwaway anthems. Impressed by this approach we invited the Argentine in question to share his thoughts on where things might be heading.

Mosso / Alejandro Mosso / Argentina


Describe your imprint’s output. 

I prefer to think about Mosso not as a real label but more as a personal series project. This does not mean that I am not releasing my music in other labels anymore… But for Mosso I usually try to keep those special songs that somehow connect to my deepest feelings and emotions. It is supposed to expose the core of my art and my life without any third-party filtering in between. 

I guess that is also the reason why I am not choosing dancefloor peak-time tracks, but mainly music with a strong emotional content. Music that can adapt to a dancefloor situation but which main “raison d’être” is not a club.

What would you say makes it different?  

Since I am only releasing my own music, it is pretty different from the rest of the labels out there. The aesthetics, the sound, the style, the artwork, etc… everything is connected to my own personality and music, therefore it should be taken as whole story or concept developing release after release.

What is it that makes you keep looking for new talent to expose? 



What’s the label’s pinnacle achievement so far? 

Your question has two answers. Industry and career wise, I guess the highlights so far have been that lot of interesting artists and djs support my music, even if it is on the left side of the house and techno scene. People like Sven Väth or Richie Hawtin have been playing and charting tracks from mosso. This is a great recognition and it also helped me a lot in reaching a wider audience, and more people were able to discover my music. So I am very thankful for this.

On the personal side of things, the highlight is simply to be able to release all these special music without any boundaries and with total freedom. Fortunately there is a small market out there that seems to appreciate what I am doing and makes the whole thing work. 

Complete freedom is a pre-condition for any kind of art, and having my own imprint is a great step towards that. So I am happy.

If people were going to hear one release from your camp, what would you prefer it to be? 

That is hard to answer, but I guess mosso001 would be ideal. Is the first one and the starting point of the story. It does not mean that it fully represents the “sound of the label”, but I guess it helps you imagine the feelings and motivations behind the label.

All being well, skip forward five years, where would you like things to be?

The best thing that could happen to the label is that it becomes what is meant to be: a large collection of personal music, produced under total freedom, with ups and downs, different moods, different moments in life and that comprehensively represents my output and my little contribution to the music world.


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