It’s all about your Inner Rhythm

Ahead of this Sundays Inner Rhythm @ East Village, Barry discusses the party he has been part of since the beginning.

In October 2011 a new Sunday party began called Inner Rhythm at East Village. Nothing majorly new in concept, as it pays homage to the ethos created by other famous Sunday clubs such as New York’s Body and Soul.

However, in a time where promoting is about social and creative media, Inner Rhythm wanted to have the finest residents and the finest guests playing the best house music to create a vibe that would see the club grow mainly via word of mouth from those who have attended.

So what are the key elements that have seen this Sunday go from a hand full of people shaking it in the basement to a packed venue of house music lovers and dancers. Music is of course, with an amazing soundtrack of house, from deep to soul drenched to underground to afro to disco just about covers it. Guests are another key element, as are the creators and residents for Inner Rhythm, Stuart Patterson and Phil Asher. These two areas are very much interlinked.

With Inner Rhythm running one Sunday a month and charging just a few quid to get in (sometimes it’s even free), they have seen guests such as US based Danny Krivit, DJ Spen, Beg To Differ, Brothers Vibe and Joshua Iz, as well as home grown DJs such as Craig Smith, Jimpster, Dan Beaumont and Atjazz, all play. This is due to the influence of Stuart and Phil running the show and being the only DJs that play alongside the guests. Both have and continue to be key players on the house scene be it with their DJing, label, clubs and general years of experience, so attracting the calibre of guests is something they have managed to pull off every month. They are respected by their peers and once the first few guests had made the trip to play, even with the early numbers in attendance really not that great, word spread that this was a place to play if you were in the UK for the weekend.

Having been part of the party since it began, regardless of the numbers, there has always been an incredible atmosphere, some amazing dancers on the floor and a ever growing group of regulars that return the following month. The last event with Craig Smith was packed with so many of the crowd getting in early and staying through until the end. The vibe was just breathtaking and something I haven’t felt in a club for far too long.

This Sunday 26 August, Inner Rhythm returns with the same format, Stuart Patterson and Phil Asher playing all night with the exception of that couple of hours where another quality guest is welcomed by the Inner Rhythm faithful, Berlin’s Andre Lodemann (Best Works).

Inner Rhythm is almost a throw back to the old school, however you only really notice this should you write about it and break the club to pieces (and you’re old enough). However Inner Rhythm feels brand new and those attending highlight this. You feel like the DJs love being there, want to be there and if there are 50 people or 250 people, you just don’t care.

With so much choice over Bank Holidays, Inner Rhythm is still the party of choice for me. Try it, love it and be added to the list of clubbers and dancers who now make the trip to each and every Inner Rhythm religiously.

For more info and tickets for this Sunday 26th August click HERE
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