Robbie Rivera talks about his Gallery Tour


Gallery resident Robbie Rivera is a huge player with The Ministry stalwart event. He talks to Plain and Simple about his residency and his huge event at Evoke in Chelmsford next week.


1. Not long ago you had your hugely acclaimed album out and tour, how was the tour and did you think the album would get the praise it did?

Yes I released my DANCE OR DIE album and have been touring for almost a year. We did a 30 day bus tour in the US which was a lot of fun. The album took me a year to finish. The tracks were produced in my studio in Ibiza and Miami and the vocals were recorded in various cities in the US and Europe. It was a lot of work but I am very pleased with the results. The tracks ‘Roxy,’ ‘Turn it Around – feat JES,’ ‘Forever Young’ and ‘In the Morning – feat. Wynter Gordon’ all went top 10 on Beatport which is cool.


2. Your sound is unique, where do you generally draw your inspirations from?

I get inspired by the weekly gigs and from the music I enjoyed when I was young. I listened to a lot hard bands like Nirvana and Metallica along with bands like The Cure and U2.  I like to produce tracks that have a lot of energy, melody and emotion.


3. You will play the hugely hyped Evoke club this month. Are you excited to play there?

Yes I am. I am very excited to be back in the UK! I saw pictures of Evoke and it looks awesome.


4. What can we expect from a Robbie Rivera set?

Sexy, pounding, in your face house music – juicy!


5. Currently what are your top five tracks that you will be playing?

  1. Robbie Rivera – Forever Young (Lucky Date Remix) [Black Hole]
  2. Pryda – Allein [Pryda]
  3. Tony Arzadon – Rip It Up [Juicy Music]
  4. Example – Say Nothing (Hardwell & Dannic Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
  5. Jesse Voorn – Fuel To The Fire [Juicy Music]


6. Finally where can we see you play next?

USA, Canada, South America, Asia…