CHOICE CUT- Logreybeam ‘Perhaps’


Logreybeam / Perhaps

CD / Digital 

Muri Records / Released August 2012

Albums like this do not come along very often. And when they do chances are the Plain & Simple office, along with that of every other electronic music website, probably doesn’t get a copy. The tones contained herein aren’t techno, house, dubstep, or any other form of beats and bleeps. Nor is it an ambient work pieced together through layers of synth. In fact, it’s more akin to the Amelie soundtrack, though the man responsible has flirted with IDM in the past (see 2010’s Rem.Rem).

That’s not the reason we’ve seen fit to label this our Choice Cut though. Instead the decision is because, irrespective of musical categorisation, this really is something we all could do with hearing. It’s sumptuous piano melodies, lackadaisical horns and soft, expansive accordions. It’s the sounds of a sunny afternoon in the park, a candlelit dinner, a sombre affair, and, most accurately, a seriously accomplished piece of work that needs to be used on a film score, immediately.

Fans of Tiga collaborator Chilly Gonzales, experimental arranger Gnac, and the more sombre work of Peder will be in their element then. A graduate of Music Composition from CalArts, that’s the California Institute of Arts to us, there’s certainly no denying the reasons Logreybeam passed his degree- Gabriel Morley, as he’s also known, clearly understands how to make emotive arrangements. Melody Pines, for example, sounds like some painful memory of Paris, gone but not forgotten.

Meanwhile, My Own Home is blues as realised in classical form. Though it’s not all so tortured. Roma Dance Party, fittingly, sets its own tempo well away from most of the album. Frantic strings and handclaps are enough to make you feel heavy with wine and evening entertainment, as if in some subterranean tavern, whereas Lullaby Re-visited may fit in with the slow pace of life perfectly, but opts for a dreamlike innocence that’s no less evocative. Point proven, now go out and buy it.

Logreybeam / Boomkat