Farr Fest gets a big thumbs up…

Caroline Earles tells all about the boutique festival Farr…

If you come into the woods tonight you’re in for a big surprise…A place where anything goes and where everyone is welcome, so long as you play by the rules that is.  Arriving at the festival I couldn’t help but feel the heavy presence of security.  Passing the inconspicuous camping area and following the crop trodden path towards the festival, we suddenly came across the entrance. A small wooden arch being blocked by 6 pumped men with ear pieces and no smiles.  Never the less once inside the festival they were very soon forgotten and just became part of the woods.

I took my time to look around the festival to discover what adventures they had planned to entertain the slightly sluggish, but willing, people during the day.  To my disappointment there was very little, not a class or a game in sight.  There were a couple of tents selling the usual animal inspired hats and flower garlands not much more.  Due to the number of people who I saw wearing the plastic flower garlands it seemed obvious that the idea of dressing up was something that Farr could have indulged a bit more on.

The day was relaxed and music was played but I found myself wanting to do something, anything, to be entertained.  Gathering a few member of my group and wondered into the woods landing in the Farr Live stage.  The tent was not busy but there was a great amount of support from the people who were there.  Bands such as The Vices managed to draw a crowd in and proved that they know how to be onstage and handle a crowd despite the size.  Other bands did not seem to feel as comfortable on stage and it became clear that the fewer the people the more pressure was felt.  Alas, we were there for the music, to let go, to feel free, to smile, to laugh and above all… to dance.  As the sun set perfectly over the acres of crop fields I had to take a minute to appreciate the beauty of sky’s colours gently merging with the pastel hills around us.

Once the darkness took over the people emerged to what became a totally different festival.  The Skints never disappoint and with their great combination of Reggae and Scar, they took us effortlessly into the night ahead.  Finding it very difficult to get lost at the festival due to the size, I was never far from my group and never felt alone…unless I wanted to.  The Shack Tent was by undoubtedly the place to be, it was consistently buzzing with the likes of The Society DJ’s, Dan Beaumont & Hannah Holland and DJ Twitch keeping the crowd moving until the early overs of the morning.  The location of the festival meant that at any point you could escape from the throng and find a moment of tranquillity.

I managed to hold on until sunrise which was the perfect end to a perfectly decent Festival; all that was missing was a cup of much needed tea and a bacon sandwich.  As the sun shone down through the trees of the emptying festival, we had to make our way back through the crop fields which gave us time to vaguely recall the night before with fond memories and happy souls.  Farr Festival has the right idea; boutique festivals are definitely finding their way in the world today however I will say that if you are not having the quantity you need the quality.  The music aside, the festival itself could do with a lot more detail to enhance the already buzzing imagination of the people; However with a little more experience Farr Festival could be as awesome and impressionable as its flawless surroundings.