Grant Nelson presents Departure Lounge ‘Time Ties’

Grant Nelson presents Departure Lounge / Time Ties


Freeze Dried / Released July 2012 


What does it sound like? 

UK dance music hero Grant Nelson, a chap who’s familiar with words like UK, garage, Wishdokta, DJ, Vibes, and ‘ardcore, launches a brand new label that looks to showcase a more soulful, deep if not hypnotic side to the whole beats and groove thing. The title track takes more than a little inspiration from the nu-disco world, albeit with more than a few electro accents; see also bouncing synth line, whispered vocals, pots and pans percussion and a loose beat structure, coming over as close to lackadaisical as any dancefloor fare can, creating an atmosphere soaked in sunshine and balmy evenings.

On the flip Not The Same is nothing if not logically titled, sounding rather different to the A. Of course there are still heartfelt vocals, though this time the melody is more expansive, with keys developing into an immersive symphony of electric organs, before dropping us into far more stripped tones, providing some heads down foot-focused beats to counterbalance the rather big, harmonious build.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

For fans of funkier house stylings both offerings are going to do the job well, though we’d say the B-side may be turning a few more heads.

Where can I buy it?