Pooldisco brings East London fashion spectacular to Ibiza

Sunshine, Pink Flamingos, some of the most extravagant club hosts in the world, a poolside Wedding Chapel for a quick marriage by a faux transvestite minister, Microchunk visuals and party music sound-tracked by DJ Severino and friends… Welcome to Pooldisco at Ushuaia Ibiza.

Pooldisco has broken from its East London origins at Shoreditch House and ventured to Ibiza for weekly Saturday parties at Ushuaia Ibiza. One of the most original and fun concepts to come to Ibiza, here you leave your pretentions at the door, open your eyes, dance in the sun and be ready for the surprise(s)…

Pooldisco Severino Daytime Mix by Pooldisco

“Right now, Yann Pissenem is trying to get hold of 100,000 plastic pink flamingos to boost the buzz around his next project, a party called Pooldisco, which will bring a touch of East London cool to Ushuaia.  A group of London clubbers hosted the launch party for the event last week.  They were all rather fabulously accessorized in feathers, fur Mohicans, mirrors, crystals and wigs and understandably slightly nervous about weather the yacht-and-jet brigade would ‘get’ their Shoreditch vibe. But this is a crowd where really anything goes, and nothing, however avant-garde, is a surprise. They were more than up for it, cheering on the camp antics on stage. Mark Herman, a veteran of the London club and fashion scene, responsible for bringing Pooldisco from London to Ibiza for the rest of the summer, says unequivocally, “This is absolutely the most happening venue in the world. No one is putting on parties like they are here.” – From the six-page article in the Saturday Times

With music from Severino, Sam Divine, ONNO, joined by weekly guests, plus five of London’s most exciting and exotic club hosts, Viktoria Modesta, Roy Inc the MC, Tristan Temple, Johanna Londinium, and Tamer Wilde, flying in every week to add some more visual enjoyment to the mix (and special guest hosts throughout the summer – including Liz Mendez and legendary New York Hostess Susanne Bartsch), the energy of Pooldisco is like none other on the island and injects some massive Fun onto the island of Ibiza…


“I originally created Pooldisco as an East London party, its winning formula – the best venue in London combined with 20 years worth of my black book of fashion and music contacts.

During its 4 year life span, a global surge in Pool parties, now at Ushuaia, Pooldisco is the mother brand of this movement.”

Mark Herman, Pooldisco creator

“Pooldisco is where you need to go out with friends and enjoy yourself by the pool of the gorgeous Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, it’s where you can have fun dancing to sexy disco and house music surrounded by glamorous people in the afternoon and evening. It’s gonna be the place to be and to remember this summer 2012 in Ibiza.”

Severino, DJ