Bicep, Ejeca and Omar Odyssey ‘You / Don’t (inc. Steffi Remix)’

Bicep / You (inc. Steffi Remix)

Vinyl / Digital 

Aus Music / Released July 2012


What does it sound like? 

Will Saul’s ever-impressive Aus Music can rarely be beaten when it comes to bridging the house music-bass music gap, and this triple header provides further proof of that. Not that there are many similarities between sounds typical of Chicago’s finest and the opening track, You.

In fact there are far more correlations to be made between this and rave, what with the melancholic vocal hook, soaring string keyboards and overall warehouse atmosphere- all very immersive, new school stuff. In contrast Bicep & Omar Odyssey’s Don’t takes us closer to traditional fours, with its stripped kick, lyrical stab and warm organs, meanwhile Steffi cuts up Bicep and Ejeca’s A-side, making it into a ‘proper house record’ of the euphoric acid variety.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Either You in its original incarnation or Don’t, or at least that’s our opinion anyway.

Where can I buy it?