Robert Hood unveils new album

Detroit’s legendary minimal techno pioneer will release a brand and no doubt spanking new LP in early autumn, with the package coming in the form of a brand new instalment in the Nighttime World series. Which is certainly rather exciting.

For those unfamiliar Robert Hood’s ongoing instalments in this saga it began back in 1995, with the idea being to combine that token futurism with jazzier tones. Again the work has been inspired by the producer’s Motor City hometown, only for some rather worrying reasons, as the area continues to see its population plummet, with some 40 square miles of the urban landscape now having been reclaimed by nature as people abandon homes and businesses. Concept to one side we can’t wait until Motor: Nighttime World 3 arrives on September 17th via Music Man, and just to get you salivating even more we’ve put the tracklist below.

Robert Hood – Motor: Nighttime World 3

01. The Exodos
02. Motor City
03. Better Life
04. The Wheel
05. Black Technician
06. Learning
07. Drive (The Age Of Automation)
08. Torque One
09. Hate Transmissions
10. Slow Motion Katrina
11. Assembly
12. A Time To Rebuild