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Wow, that week seems to have flown by, no doubt because most of us are still trying to pick up the pieces after last Friday and figure out what the hell happened there. Needless to say though, another weekend means another load of events for us to dip our hand into, and, of course, our friends in Farringdon have again come up with the goods.

Haunt Music is no stranger to Plain & Simple, we loved Mike Shannon’s Blue Fields album, whilst The Mole’s single Love Is The Way kept us similarly enthralled. All of which means when the label takes over Room Three at Fabric tomorrow, Saturday July 14th, we’ll certainly be making a b-line for the back soundsystem. Those two chaps will be in the house, along with DeWalta, AKA David Koch, who’ll be delivering a live set with all the trimmings.

Generously the club organisers have managed to blag a meld of music from the latter, which was recorded at the Wagon Repair v Cynosure Off-Sonar Party this year, and we’d highly recommend taking a listen. Intelligent and danceable really aren’t mutually exclusive, and when put together the results don’t have to be boring; as is evidenced right here. See below for advice on how to bag a free copy, meanwhile we should probably mention that on top of those three faces the likes of Craig Richards, Mr C, No Regular Play, Dollz At Play, Terry Francis, 2020 Soundsystem, and Richy Ahmed will also be playing a few records. Full details below.

Simply click here and follow the even simpler instructions to grab your toll free DeWalta Fabric mixtape recorded live Off-Sonar. 


Saturday 17th February 2012

77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 3HN

11PM – 8AM /  £12-£18

Room One

Craig Richards


Mr C

No Regular Play (LIVE)

Dollz At Play

Room Two 

Terry Francis

2020 Soundsystem

Richy Ahmed

Room Three

Mike Shannon

The Mole

Dewalta (LIVE)